Moving Checklist

Planning ahead and keeping a checklist can help you make sure the move goes as smoothly as possible.

Keep all walkways and paths safe by making sure they are cleared of all potted plants, doormats, rugs and any other items that could be a hazard.
Disconnect the spring on the screen door to ensure it stays open during the loading process.
Remove all garbage from the house and be sure to clean out and throw away any old food from the fridge and freezer.
Ensure that the water is shut off and all hoses are packed.
Check to see if air conditioning, heating and all light switches are turned off.
Make sure all drawers and closets in bathrooms, bedrooms, and the kitchen have been cleared and cleaned.
Clear out everything including trash from the attic, crawlway, porches and the garage.
If you are using movers, make sure you and the drivers exchange cell phone numbers for anything that may come up on moving day. Also verify the new address with them.
Be sure to be available to movers at all times and have good communication with them.